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JOBE’s leading Eco-Innovation 💚

Innovation is in Jobe’s blood. This is reflected in our products and vision for the future. To ensure that future generations can still enjoy the water, water sports must become more sustainable. Jobe is happy to contribute to this and is making the processes more eco-friendly, step by step. This is reflected in the production of Jobe wakeboards.

Jobe Sports Wakeboards are produced in a factory that runs on 100% solar energy. Due to the fact that the factory is located in Dubai, it is possible to have the entire factory produce on solar energy due to the many hours of sunshine. Due to the many solar panels on and around the factory, it is possible to convert the solar panels into green energy, which makes the production process a lot less environmentally polluting than factories that are not powered by solar energy. Making for a fully solar produced wakeboard collection.

Jobe also uses FSC wood in the production of their wakeboards. This is wood obtained through responsible forest management. With responsible forest management, FSC aims to protect the habitat of plants and animals and respect for the rights of the local population and forest workers. But also harvesting on wood and making money while preserving the forest. In this way Jobe thinks of the continuity of humans and animals, which means that the wood of the wakeboards does not come from forests that have been illegally felled by poachers, whereby hundreds of people and animals have been robbed of their living environment. Trees are of course also the oxygen providers of the earth, it is therefore important that the forests are only used in a responsible manner, which is why Jobe has teamed up with FSC.

Once the wakeboards have been produced using green energy and FSC wood, the boards has to be packed in order to be shipped. For this Jobe uses recycled cardboard boxes. Paper and cardboard can be recycled 6 to 7 times. By combining the fibers of old cardboard packaging with new fresh paper fibers, the recycling process can be repeated a number of times, so that the quality of the cardboard is always optimal. By reusing these old cardboard packaging, fewer trees need to be felled. This in turn contributes to the joint realization of a more environmentally friendly existence.

In the future, Jobe will continue to make efforts to make the company more sustainable, to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the beautiful water sports.