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Off for a SUP? What should I wear on my stand up paddle board session?

First and foremost we always recommend you wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Second to this, tell someone where you’re planning to SUP and take a phone in a waterproof bag. You never know how the session will turn out – be prepared.

PFD Personal Floatation Device

It’s a personal choice of what to wear but this will give you an idea:

Wear a wetsuit when paddle boardingSpring: full length wetsuits are best even on sunny days as the water hasn’t warmed up yet. If you feel the cold – you could invest in some wetsuit gloves.

Summer: a shortie wetsuit is ideal, but plenty of us paddle in summer wearing a full length wetsuit.  If the sun is out then you could just wear board-shorts and a non-cotton tshirt.

Autumn: The weather varies so much and the water is warm in Autumn. We would recommend a full length wetsuit.

Perhaps try some wetsuit shoes when paddle boardingWinter: Don’t let the cold stop you getting out on the water. You’ll need to wear a full winter suit of at least 5mm, probably wetsuit boots and gloves and also consider a wetsuit balaclava – especially if your SUP session is on the beach to avoid any ice-cream headaches!

On your feet: Stand up Paddle Boarding is easier bare feet, however many people opt to wear wetsuit shoes or old trainers, particularly for launching off rocky shores.

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