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Tips To Make Your Towable Last Longer

Tubing is the most accessible watersports out there: just take a seat and hold on tight for a wild ride. It’s awesome to share the thrill of tubing with friends and family and enjoy a fun filled day on the water.

New Forest Surf offer a large collection towable tubes, and all  come with a 3 year warranty on all towables.

To make sure you can enjoy our towables as long as possible, we’ve listed some tips and tricks.

When you are finished tubing, and plan to hang around on the shore to sunbath, or to grill, make sure you take care of your towable first. Don’t leave the towable in the sun for any period of time or it will expand. Release the air and put it in the shade. This also prevents discoloration.

We’ve created special storage bags for our towables. Easily store your tube with a nylon bag for durability, season after season.

Before using the towable make sure to check warning indicators on the towable. Read and obey the specifications, for example, maximum size and weight, recommended speed limit and number of riders.

When you’ve used the towable, always check the pressure and take a minute to inflate when it has gone a little soft. The towable will sit lower in the water when it’s not fully inflated. This will put more stress on the towable, cover, rope and even on your boat because you are dragging the tube through the water instead of pulling it across the tube.


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How To Use The Jobe Sup Screw Fin

Here is the Jobe SUP screw fin. The fin is really easy to attach onto your SUP board. You will be ready to start your adventure in no time. Below you will find a description of how to use the Jobe SUP screw fin.

Attaching the fin:

  1. Insert the pins of the fin into the hole of the SUP and slide it back.
  2. Make sure the screw is on top of the screw hole and screw it clockwise
  3. Screw until it’s properly tightened
  4. Done!

Detaching the fin:

  1. Screw it counter clockwise until it’s loose.
  2. Slide the fin back out and remove it
  3. That’s it!

You don’t need any tools to attach and detach the Jobe screw fin!

Take a look at the video down below to see how it’s done.

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The Lightest Inflatable Sup Boards On The Market

The Jobe Aero SUP’s are super light, one of the lightest in de market! The essence of these boards to be lightweight is that they can be easily carried around. Stand up paddling needs to be accessible and making the paddle boards easy to carry around contributes to that.

Jobe inflatable boards are designed with your need to travel in mind. Our unique Heat Bonded Technology makes our boards the most lightweight paddle boards out there. The pounds we save in glue and materials does not only makes our boards more durable, but imagine the difference in weight it makes while you’re in the outdoors scouting for that hidden lake to paddle. Obviously we’ve thought about your transportation too: all boards come in a waterproof backpack, so you can pack your gear and discover the world!

Heat Bonded Technology

The inside of our Aero range consists of a high density of nylon threads, fused to a solid PVC-coated base cloth by pre-laminated heat bonded technology. This process is heat controlled and performed by machine removing all possible human errors. Two layers of drop stitch reinforcements protects and strengthens Jobe boards to its max. All processes together, make a Jobe board glide through the water like a hot knife through butter. It makes an inflatable 2 kilo lighter. It also makes it stiffer, stronger, extremely airtight and most importantly: super durable.


3 year warranty

Jobe inflatable boards are the safest and most durable SUP’s on the market. That is why we back up our claim with a 3 year warranty. Happy paddling!

View three of our lightest paddle boards here.

Jobe Yarra 10.6 Inflatable Paddle Board PackageJobe Desna 10.0 Inflatable Paddle Board PackageJobe Duna 11.6 Inflatable Paddle Board Package
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Why Sup Works For Everyone Who Wants To Get Fit

Stand Up Paddling is a modern form of strength/cardio training in order to maintain or start shaping your fitness, to build some muscle and shape your body in its best form. Next to eating healthy and being active, SUP is a great addition or start of an active lifestyle. There are different ways to train on a SUP, but ‘normal’ Stand Up Paddling and yoga are by far the most popular ones.

Part 1

Why SUP gets you fit in no-time?

1. Work out anywhere!
Go inflatable and travel wherever you want. Jobe inflatable SUPs come in a complete package to easily carry anywhere and to bring with you in an aeroplane or car. Just unpack, pump and get on the water.

2. Work out anytime.
The water is your own private outdoor gym. But without the pricy membership. Work-out any time you want: enjoy golden sunsets or –rises or be an adventurous night owl and stow a tent under the bungee cords. You are no longer bound to the hours a normal gym is open.

3. Burn those calories
SUP is a serious full-body work-out, which can easily be combined with cardio on the land. No matter if you want to speed up and go on a Neva Touring 12.6, or perform some Yoga on a Lena 10.6 yoga board. It’s up to you. Embrace the amplifying and healing power of water and try some yoga exercise. The calming sounds of water make you even more focused on your breath. If you just prefer to SUP instead of sitting cross-legged and ‘huummm’, you don’t have to worry not getting paid for your hard work. Just one hour of paddling can burn a lot of calories, due to extra focus on your balance and the simple fact that you use almost all your muscles.

4. Recharge your battery
We know it’s tempting to snuggle away at home, under a warm blanket, when you’re tired. But although you might think this will reload your battery; in the end it de-energizes you and only makes it harder to start exercising again. Exercising outside re-charges your battery faster than any other activity, and when you come home and to take that hot shower you deserved so much, you will feel reborn.

5. Don’t be scared.
Stand Up Paddling means it’s very unlikely you fall in. Therefore, you don’t have to change which makes it easy to work out anytime, everywhere. Because it still is a work-out, you might prefer normal, casual, light, quick drying sport clothes. Still scared? a rule of the thumb is the wider the board, the more stable you stand. On the other hand, the narrower the board, the less stable but the faster the board.

Browse the range of boards to kick start your fitness now.

Part 2

Instead of practicing in a studio, flows & poses are done on a paddle board on the water. What type of yoga you prefer is dependent of your flow the given day.

1. It’s truly a full-body experience.

You’ll work your legs, your feet and your arms. Your feet are your central connection to your board, so think about your feet as your roots. You engage your legs for even more stability, so make sure to put a slight bend in the knees, and avoid stiffening up the lower half of your body. Don’t think to much. The act of paddling comes from the core but you use your arms to create moment with every paddle stroke.

2. Stand-up paddle boarding is for beginners and pro’s

Start with the beginning, if you’ve never been on a stand-up paddle board, don’t be discouraged. Paddle boards are extremely stable and we’ve built for you to balance.

3. You’ll work your core more than on the ground

Expect to engage your core! Your abdominals and therefore your core is super important for proper paddling and avoiding any discomfort in your lower back. By engaging the muscular energy in your core, you’ll not only tone your muscles but will develop a lean body and strengthen your muscles.

4. It’s relaxing.

Savasana, or corpse pose – lay on your back with your palms to the sky – on the paddleboard will be the best savasana of your life! Ending on your board in savasana on the stand-up paddleboard is nothing short of amazing. Imagine, for a moment, lying quietly on your back, floating with movement on the water with fingers dangling in the water and a warm breeze brushing over your body as you listen to the waves.

5. Don’t be scared.

Expect to fall in! Why? Because we have the opportunity to play, and with playfulness comes the ability to let go of our fears and try something daring. The great part about falling in the water is, its REFRESHING.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Essentials

Picture this; you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is looking out the window. The first thing you see is a clear blue sky. It’s 30 degrees outside and you are free today! You’ll need a bit of cooling down and there is no better place to cool down than in and on the water. You have always wanted to try supping but never got the chance to do it. Maybe you didn’t have the time or maybe you had different reasons, but now is your chance! It is the beginning of the watersport season. In this article you will find everything that you need to know, when you go paddle boarding for the first time.

What is SUP paddle boarding?
Firstly, if it is your first time around, a little background information concerning paddleboarding might come in handy. Stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP, has been around in it’s most current form for over a decade. SUP is taking the water sports world by storm and has long been considered as the fastest growing water sport of the 1990’s and 2000’s. SUP uses a surf style board and a long paddle.

Types of boards
There are different paddle boards each available in different sizes, styles and prices with specific boards designed for different surroundings. Boards designed for flatwater recreation, river, lake and ocean racing, fishing, long distance touring, yoga and also for sup surfing. The board is controlled by the paddler only.

Benefits of SUPing
Stand up paddling will offer you an incredible outdoor cardio work-out which will also help you to relieve stress. Several benefits of supping are that you can do it everywhere on the water and at any time. Nearly every body of water-, worldwide, has become a playground for standup SUPpers. The most often mentioned health benefit of this sport is the improvement of the core (you’ll get abs of steel!). Paddle boarding is very easy to learn and therefore an excellent choice for improving your overall fitness, regardless of what shape you’re in now. SUP is a safe activity for people of all ages, sizes, fitness level and athletic ability.

How to choose a stand up paddle board

Right now you have picked a great time to start, because the selection of sup boards has never been better. There are four basic types of stand up paddle boards: All-round, Touring, Yoga and Wave. These types can also be divided in inflatable, titan and bamboo boards. However, when it’s your first time around and you don’t know if it is something for you, finances come into play. In this chapter you will find the different types of SUP boards and their benefits.

The SUP’s are built from different materials, those materials are: inflatable, bamboo and titan.

The inflatable paddle boards offer a complete portable package at a price anyone can afford. Furthermore, when they are deflated, they also pack down into size and fit into something that is comparable to a sleeping bag in just several minutes. If you seek value, portability and durability, the inflatable boards are the way to go. Especially if you are a beginner and seeking an economical first-time and complete package.

The Bamboo SUP’s are ideal if you live close by the water. A shiny bamboo veneer layer gives the board its nature-inspired look matching all the peaceful spots you’ll face. Channels are also incorporated in the Bamboo- paddle boards. These channels maximize traction on the water and improve speed and maneuverability.

The titan is resistant against heavy impact and it is one of the strongest and most durable boards. This paddle board is stronger than her competition.

Then you have specific paddle boards designed for different purposes, which will be explained next:

All Round
The all-round paddle board models are perfect for beginners but also for intermediate paddlers. They will offer you maximum versatility in all sorts of conditions.

Maximum speed on flat water and open ocean conditions, that is what the Touring SUPs will give you. If you are a paddler looking for more speed and efficiency, the touring models are a magnificent choice. These boards break through the water and carry more speed over longer distances.

The Wave SUPS are designed with a dual purpose, they are designed for flatwater and for surfing. If you are looking for a paddle board to cruise the flatwater or/and surf, these boards will offer you maximum maneuverability.

We understand that the internet is full of options and choices, it can get very confusing. However, we may be your lifesaver! We will gladly help you to choose the best board for you plan and budget. Our passion for helping you with choosing the right gear will allow you to make an excellent choice.

You will find our complete Board SUP-collection here

How to choose your paddle

Next to the board, the paddle is the second most expensive item you will need when you go supping. Boards have gone through an evolution, but so have the paddles. However, the general rule is that the paddle needs to be between anywhere to 10 cm and 18 cm (4 to 7 inches) taller than you. When you place your wrist on the paddle holder, with your arm straight, you’ll have the ideal length.

The most expensive paddles are the lightest ones because they are made of carbon. Lighter paddles are made from expensive materials. However, they are worth the investment because they reduce how quickly your hand fatigues compared to heavier paddles

Fibre Glass
The name is pretty self-explanatory, the paddle is constructed of Fiber glass. The paddle won’t bend easily, the fiber glass blade of the paddle will give your movements in the water maximum flexibility with a minimal amount of effort.

Freedom Stick
The freedom stick is a very durable option. The paddle has a fiber glass shaft and has a plastic blade. The Freedom Stick won’t break easily and can take a hit.

An Aluminium Paddle is perfect for the all-round and entry-level rider with 100% aluminium, a weight of 1000 grams and a reinforced nylon blade. A smart streamlined blade gives the user power and control over its board. The aluminum paddle is also the cheapest option. You will find all the paddles here.

Now you have assembled your board and paddle, you are ready to go to the water!

Transporting your SUP

Once you have chosen your board, it is time to go to the water and SUP! First things first, it can get a bit tricky to try and transport your board to the water (does not apply to the inflatable boards, you can blow them up when you arrive at the water and transport them in the easy-to-carry backpack. Did you know that we have an electrical pump to ease the process?). Most of the boards are not small enough to fit in your car. Unless you are the lucky one and the water is close by, there are several things you’ll need to get your board on the top of your car. You will need webbing straps, pads and racks. Getting your board on the top of your car may seem challenging but if you have these items you will succeed. If not, there are many Youtube tutorial videos that will guide you in securing your board to your car like the pro you are.

Carrying your SUP to the water
When you have arrived at your destination you will have to carry your board to the water obviously.
The inflatable SUP’s have a handle which you can carry your SUP with. The Bamboo SUP’s have a hole in them and will fit your hand, which enables you to carry the SUP as well. You could also where them on your shoulder with a bag-strap.

How to stand up on Paddleboard on your first time out
Standing up on a paddleboard when you are a beginner and it is your first time, can be tricky and difficult. Therefore, seek out a body of water with no current, waves and wind. This may sound logical but it will help you to stand up much quicker! When you have sought out that body of water, also pay close attention to the depth of the water. The water must be deep enough that you won’t hit the bottom when you fall down. SUPping is one of the easiest sports and you will learn to SUP in approximately in 15 mins. You will not fall that easily and if you do it won’t be that big of a deal (The SUP-clothing collection is constructed of quick dry fabrics).

How to begin:
1. Walk out to the water and go as deep as your knees
2. Place your paddle across your board, facing towards the nose
3. Facing towards the nose, place both of your knees on each side of the board, SLOWLY.
4. Keep your knees spread comfortably, about 30 cm is good. If you don’t feel like you’re balanced you can adjust your knees. Imagine yourself in a pony ride position, as if you are giving a child a pony ride
5. Place each of your hands on the shaft of your paddle, your hands should be in front of your knees
6. While holding your paddle, use your fingertips to press the deck while you bring one foot up on the place where your knee was
7. Repeat for the other side and slowly stand up from a squat. Don’t forget to also bring your paddle up with you while you are standing up
8. Once you feel comfortable and balanced, you can begin to straighten your back completely.
9. Place the paddle in the water, with the bent part facing forward. You’ll feel more stable once your paddle is in the water. The paddle will provide you with more stability.

Yaaay, you are a pro now!

Now all there is left to do, is not fall off of your board and move around. Keep your eyes on the horizon and not on your feet as it will cause imbalance. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and your knees are slightly bent. Now start paddling, speed will increase stability!

Now you know everything that you need to know when you are a beginner and go SUPping for the first time. If you need some extra paddle boarding tips, not sure which board to get, or need some advice on what gear to purchase, we are happy to help you.

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Spring into Summer

paddle board spring

A lot can happen in a month, snow has given way to sun and as we shift our mindset from winter to spring, we look back on a busy year, the things we’ve learnt and make plans for the new season. We look forward to seeing you in the water after work, now that the days are stretching out.

🏄 Product Spotlight ☀

JOBE Rechargeable Battery SUP Pump

This little pump is genius – from now on you can start your workout on the water instead of the shore. JOBE’s battery powered rechargeable air pump will make your life easy before you SUP.

Here at New Forest Surf Centre we’ve put this paddle board pump through it’s paces and it can inflate 3 boards without recharging. Set the desired PSI (we recommend 18psi for Aero boards) and in just 10-12 minutes you are ready to go! Comes with 4 different nozzles and includes a handle for easy carrying, a car charger and main power adapter.

We also add a UK power cable into the box (not included from JOBE). It’s also compatible with any inflatable SUP that uses the Halkey Roberts Valve. JOBE Aero, Red Paddle, Starboard and many more.

It’s just £139 including free 24hr delivery.

We have 10 of these pumps in stock and ready to get you on the water!

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New JOBE Unify Vests added to the shop

We have added two buoyancy vests to the shop. The 2018 JOBE Unify Vest is a perfect personal floatation device (PFD) to use paddle boarding – it’s ultra manoeuvrable, fits comfortably to the body and looks awesome.

View our range of JOBE Vests

We have mens and womens editions across all sizes in stock and offer FREE or Expedited 24hr Delivery.

We always recommend you wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Second to this, tell someone where you’re planning to SUP and take a phone in a waterproof bag. You never know how the session will turn out – be prepared.

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New Year – New Approach to Life?

The New Year is a magical time when we get to reevaluate our approach to life and set a goals to improve ourselves in the coming year. If you’ve fallen out of shape over the last year, consider paddling your way to fitness on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). All you need is water — a river, lake, beach or canal. SUP can be enjoyed alone or with the entire family; and along with getting fit, “supping” brings paddlers close to nature — which provides a great way to de-stress from the demands of our busy lives.

New Year SUP 2017SUP can give you a full-body workout through long-distance, endurance training and through shorter, more intense paddle sessions and SUP surfing. It works your core, your arms, your back, and your legs. It’s also a competitive sport for you athletes out there with events and races taking place all over the world.


So here are a few of the ways that you can paddle your way to fitness on a SUP.

New Year Yoga WorkoutYoga and Pilates
The combination of SUP and Yoga is one of the fastest growing fitness trends today, with SUP Pilates not far behind. Practicing Pilates on your paddleboard is an excellent way to fire-up your core and improve balance and strength.

Explore the river where large craft never go.

Anglers can combine fitness and fishing on a paddleboard to reach those hard-to-get-to places and no-motor zones. A wide and stable SUP provides the perfect platform for your backcountry fishing days.

For the nature enthusiasts, paddling a SUP is like taking a hike on the water. Supping is a 100% eco-friendly way to destress and enjoy our natural world.

Boards come in all shapes and sizes so there is sure to be one for every member of the family. Small children can sit comfortably on the front of the board and dogs love it too! Combine family time with fitness and the outdoors as often as possible for the perfect New Year’s solution.

Supping is a great way to make new friends. In most places, it is not hard to find a group of paddlers who share a love for SUP. Find a group of paddlers that meets up near you. Join an email list or a Facebook that regularly gets together for the type of paddling you prefer. Paddling with a group is a great way to benefit from their encouragement as you strive to meet your goals.

Working out on my board

No matter how busy you may be, you can always find time for the things that you prioritise. So take a look at the priorities in your life, schedule them and do your best to stick to that schedule. Even if it’s only once a week, every Saturday morning or Tuesday after work, carve out the time for paddling and don’t let anything else take that time slot.

Set reminders on your phone and let the people around you know this is something important to you and that you are definitely going to stick with. Having the support and knowing that there are others keeping an eye on you, yes even on your phone, will help hold you accountable for your goals.

SUP has become a competitive sport with a large number of events held around the world. Training to race is a great way to keep motivated as you improve your endurance and strength. Even if your goal is not to compete, just having a set distance and time in mind, much like training for a running race, will help keep you motivated to get out there and paddle.

Who says you can only SUP during the day? If the only free time you have is after dark, get yourself a set of waterproof LED lights for your board. Underwater lights and a headlamp are great additions to your SUP kit.

Paddling in a group

New Year Group PaddleEase
Make it easy to get out on the water. If it’s a hassle, you won’t stick with it. If you can’t drive around with a board on your car all the time, then perhaps choose an inflatable SUP. If you find manually inflating your board to be a hassle, invest in a battery-powered pump to do the work for you. Avoid pre-paddle stress by keeping gear organised, clean, and ready-to-go.

Just can’t get enough? Plan your next vacation to a standup paddle destination. You can explore some of the most beautiful places in the world from aboard your SUP.

Be safe
Make safety on the water a priority by investing in a quality paddlesports life jacket that won’t inhibit your paddling range of motion. Many paddlers prefer a waist-worn inflatable life jacket, which maximises their freedom of movement. Wear your life jacket at all times.

Always tell someone where you plan to paddle and when you expect to be back — or paddle with a group. Do your research on areas where you haven’t paddled before to know local rules and regulations — and remember to check the weather, wind direction, tides and currents before you launch.

More information
For help in selecting a stand-up paddleboard and paddle that’s right for you, see New Forest Surf Centre’s Stand-Up “Best Board For You” Paddleboard Finder.

Best of luck in the New Year and see you on the water!

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SUPM Review – Jobe Bamboo Vizela 9.4

Looking for a board to go Paddle Surfing? You need to read this review from SUP Magazine.

We’ve tested a number of Jobe SUPs in the past but this was the first time we’ve laid hands on a hard shell product from the multi-discipline watersports brand. Looking shiny and bling in bamboo livery with grey rail and electro green fin accents Jobe’s Vizela has been manufactured to a high spec and screams quality from the off.

Shape wise the Vizela features a full nose profile with a steadily tapering shape as you get closer to the tail. A rounded pin, honeycomb 6” US box centre fin and FCS 4.52” side bites, plus thick deck pad, finish off a top drawer product and we couldn’t wait to get it wet.

Paddling out, whilst super stable, the Vizela isn’t the fastest. The majority of the board’s volume and width is up front meaning Jobe’s Vizela does tend to push liquid a tad. Stepping further back lifts the nose and helps alleviate this but be careful when sweeping breezy conditions as wind can get under the nose and provide resistance. Tracking, however, is efficient.

Picking up waves is easy with the Vizela. A few hard strokes will have riders dropping down liquid faces quick smart – this is the time to step back! Once on the tail a whole new manoeuvrable beast shows up and arcing turns can be achieved with only subtle body movements. It’s certainly not a skatey slasher, or board for full power roundhouse cutbacks in critical surf, but turns are fulfilling and ‘real world waves’ are fair game for the Vizela.

With strong legs riders can squirt the tail and chuck an admirable amount of spray while cruisers can glide down the line without a care in the world. Newbies stepping in to the surf arena for the first time will find Jobe’s Vizela a good tutor with all skills possible to be learnt with this sled. It would also make a good surf SUP for more experienced riders wanting to make use of sloppy, choppy conditions. Altering the central fin’s placement will reveal different ridingcharacteristics. With this in mind it’s a tuneable sled that displays a good level of versatility.


Jobe’s Vizela 9.4ft is a fun board to surf small/moderate waves. With enough manoeuvrability to keep hardened rippers interested, during junky sessions, its versatility should be commended. Tuning the Vizela via fin placement lends it to different wave scenarios and most paddlers will have immense fun atop this eye catching ride. (One of our testers commented as such). Its attractive price tag ensures you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!

RRP: £839.99 – On SALE for a limited time £797.95 on New Forest Surf Centre

Thanks for SUPMagazine for the review.

SUP Magazine testing the Bamboo Vizela in the surf