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How To Use The Jobe Sup Screw Fin

Here is the Jobe SUP screw fin. The fin is really easy to attach onto your SUP board. You will be ready to start your adventure in no time. Below you will find a description of how to use the Jobe SUP screw fin.

Attaching the fin:

  1. Insert the pins of the fin into the hole of the SUP and slide it back.
  2. Make sure the screw is on top of the screw hole and screw it clockwise
  3. Screw until it’s properly tightened
  4. Done!

Detaching the fin:

  1. Screw it counter clockwise until it’s loose.
  2. Slide the fin back out and remove it
  3. That’s it!

You don’t need any tools to attach and detach the Jobe screw fin!

Take a look at the video down below to see how it’s done.

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