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SUPM Review – Jobe Bamboo Vizela 9.4

Looking for a board to go Paddle Surfing? You need to read this review from SUP Magazine.

We’ve tested a number of Jobe SUPs in the past but this was the first time we’ve laid hands on a hard shell product from the multi-discipline watersports brand. Looking shiny and bling in bamboo livery with grey rail and electro green fin accents Jobe’s Vizela has been manufactured to a high spec and screams quality from the off.

Shape wise the Vizela features a full nose profile with a steadily tapering shape as you get closer to the tail. A rounded pin, honeycomb 6” US box centre fin and FCS 4.52” side bites, plus thick deck pad, finish off a top drawer product and we couldn’t wait to get it wet.

Paddling out, whilst super stable, the Vizela isn’t the fastest. The majority of the board’s volume and width is up front meaning Jobe’s Vizela does tend to push liquid a tad. Stepping further back lifts the nose and helps alleviate this but be careful when sweeping breezy conditions as wind can get under the nose and provide resistance. Tracking, however, is efficient.

Picking up waves is easy with the Vizela. A few hard strokes will have riders dropping down liquid faces quick smart – this is the time to step back! Once on the tail a whole new manoeuvrable beast shows up and arcing turns can be achieved with only subtle body movements. It’s certainly not a skatey slasher, or board for full power roundhouse cutbacks in critical surf, but turns are fulfilling and ‘real world waves’ are fair game for the Vizela.

With strong legs riders can squirt the tail and chuck an admirable amount of spray while cruisers can glide down the line without a care in the world. Newbies stepping in to the surf arena for the first time will find Jobe’s Vizela a good tutor with all skills possible to be learnt with this sled. It would also make a good surf SUP for more experienced riders wanting to make use of sloppy, choppy conditions. Altering the central fin’s placement will reveal different ridingcharacteristics. With this in mind it’s a tuneable sled that displays a good level of versatility.


Jobe’s Vizela 9.4ft is a fun board to surf small/moderate waves. With enough manoeuvrability to keep hardened rippers interested, during junky sessions, its versatility should be commended. Tuning the Vizela via fin placement lends it to different wave scenarios and most paddlers will have immense fun atop this eye catching ride. (One of our testers commented as such). Its attractive price tag ensures you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!

RRP: £839.99 – On SALE for a limited time £797.95 on New Forest Surf Centre

Thanks for SUPMagazine for the review.

SUP Magazine testing the Bamboo Vizela in the surf

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